Monday, 24 October 2011

Longboard Riding Styles

There are many different types of riding styles, some are alike while others are completely different. You might say there is a wide spectrum of longboard riding styles. I will list a few of the most popular and well defined types. I will also provide a simple definition and of explanation of each style.

Freeride: one of the most popular styles right now. There is a lot of speeding down hills, stand up and hands down sliding, carving, and some integration of freestyle tricks.

Freestyle: freestyle is a lot like freeride however there are a lot more tricks and a lot less hands down sliding. There is a lot of stand up sliding, jumping, flip tricks, manuals and anything you can think of at a slower speed and is more related to skateboarding.

Downhill: downhill longboarding is all about speed, hard carving, drifting and sliding hands down.

Slalom: slalom is also all about speed, but its speed is related to how fast you can carve and weave between cones going downhill.

The last three really can be grouped together as one style because if you do one your bound to do all three.

Dancing: is the art of maneuvering your feet and body in creative patterns while riding and staying balanced on top of your board.

Cruising: cruising is just as it sounds. You cruise around, maybe do some carving or dancing but mostly just ride and have fun

Carving: carving can be considered a technique and a style. It is a technique because it is used to as a riding tool to slow down, turn, pump, or just for fun. While carving the goal is to turn from left to right, right to left while moving in a certain direction.

Those are the types of longboarding styles I can remember off of the top of my head, however I know there are more styles mixed in there but these are the easily defined areas.

Anyway it's all relative



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